How to Grow Mache | Guide to Growing Mache

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How to Grow Mache | Guide to Growing Mache  



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Mache is a cold-season green with mild flavor with a slightly 'nutty' taste. It has been cultivated in Europe for many centuries as a salad green, and is especially rich in vitamin C.


Seeds or Seedlings

7-14 days at 50-70 F

5 years

Well-drained, rich, slightly acidic

Full sun to part shade

1" apart

3-6" apart

30-70 days

Growing Guide
Mache should be grown during cooler parts of the growing season, during early spring or fall, and can even be grown over the winter season in many zones. It can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees F, although a cold frame or greenhouse should be used if freezing rain, wind, or heavy winds are a concern.


Mache should be grown in a cool site, and will show better germination rates with soil temps between 50-70 degrees F. Warmer temperatures may deter germination. Sow seeds lightly, approximately ¼-1/2" deep. Germination should occur between 7-14 days.


Space seeds 1"apart if direct seeding, and thin to 3-6" between growing plants, with 4" between rows.


Mache will grow in a wide variety of soil types. For best results, the growing medium should be rich in compost and other organic material.

As they mature, mache plants will form a rosette of medium to dark green leaves that are elongated or slightly cup shaped. Thin the plants as required to provide room for them to reach full size and transplant or eat the thinned mache leaves.


Plants will complete their growth cycle in 40-70 days, depending on conditions.


Water moderately, and fertilize with an all-purpose blend if needed. Mache can be grown in full sun to part shade, but can be sensitive to heat and is more appropriate as a cool season crop.


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Harvesting Guide
Mache can be cultivated in the same manner as lettuce, either by cutting the larger outer leaves during the growing cycle or by cutting the whole plant very close to the soil. Leaves will not typically grow beyond 4" long.

Rubbing separates the plumes and chaff from the seeds. When completely dry, shake the flower stems in the bag. Rub the seed heads between your hands to release more seeds. Put the seed through a fine mesh sieve that allows the seeds through but retains the chaff and plumes; this will give relatively clean seed. Winnowing is difficult because seeds and chaff are about the same size and weight. For extra cleaning use reverse screening, with a smaller mesh that retains the seed but lets small pieces or chaff and plume through. The dust produced during cleaning causes irritation to the lungs and eyes. If cleaning large amounts use a mask and goggles or clean outdoors.

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