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How to Grow Hyssop | Guide to Growing Hyssop

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How to Grow Hyssop | Guide to Growing Hyssop  



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Hyssop is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean, and has found application in medicine and magic in these regions and beyond for the last two millennia. In ancient times, Hyssop was thought to provide protection from the evil eye and witches if adorned in the home. Today Hyssop is sometimes used to provide comfort to the upper respiratory system and soothe the sore throat. It is also said to be effective as an expectorant and promote improved circulation and digestion.


Perennial (zones 3-8)

14 - 21 days

2 years

Rocky, well-drained

Full sun

Flower, leaf

6 - 12" apart

3-4 months

Growing Guide
Hyssop will grow at a height of nearly 2 feet and produce vibrant bright -blue flowers that are a favorite of bees from midsummer into fall.


Hyssop requires full sunlight, and is somewhat tolerant of shade but will produce fewer blooms. It will do better with light, dry, sandy or rocky soil and low to moderate water.

Hyssop is best started indoors approximately 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Small seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil-approximately 3/8" or twice the thickness of the seed deep. Keep starts moist while awaiting germination, and introduce to increasing amounts of light prior to transplant. Transplant outdoors once last frost has passed.


Harvesting Guide
Aerial parts can be collected once flowering begins in early to mid summer. A scissors or snip can be used to collect flowers, leaves, and stem. Harvesting can continues as plants continute to bloom into the fall.


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