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How to Grow Caraway | Guide to Growing Caraway

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How to Grow Caraway | Guide to Growing Caraway  



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Most commonly found in the cuisines of Eastern Europe, Caraway seeds are often added to breads, cakes, soups, cheeses, cabbages and other dishes to add a distinct and pungent flavor. It has been used for thousands of years, and by some accounts is the oldest known condiment. Interestingly, this seed was once a key ingredient in love potions as it was once said that anything containing Caraway could not be stolen.


Annual or Biennial (zones 3-9)

7-14 days at 70° F

2-3 years

Light, well-drained

Part shade to full sun

Leaf, seed

6-8" apart

70 days

Growing Guide
Caraway is in the same family as Angelica, Carrot, Dill and others and will show tiny white, the umbel- type flowers common to this family. Can grow to approximately 2' tall.


Caraway prefers full sun to partial shade, and should be grown in a location with light or sandy well-drained soil. Water moderately.

If starting in cooler climes (approximately zones 6 and lower), Caraway is best started indoors or in a greenhouse 4-6 week prior to the last average frost of the spring. Keep soil well-moistened while germination occurs; moderate slightly once seedling has broken through surface of soil. Transplant outdoors after the last frost, ideally on an overcast day.


Harvesting Guide
The leaves can be harvested once the plant is well established and reached a height of a 6" or more. Cut stem near base of plant and carefully strip leaves into a bowl other container.

The seeds can be harvested late in the summer or early fall, once they have ripened and are completely dry. Dry seed head can be brittle, so collect over a bowl, basket, bag or other container to collect all seeds. Winnow through a fan or over a screen to separate seeds from chaff. Store in a sealed container in a dry, cool location out of direct sunlight for optimum life.

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