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How to Grow Codonopsis | Guide to Growing Codonopsis

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How to Grow Codonopsis | Guide to Growing Codonopsis  



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One of the more common adaptogen herbs of Chinese medicine, Codonopsis root is rapidly gaining popularity for its reputation as "poor man's Ginseng". Codonopsis is said to help lower elevated blood pressure, provide additional immune support and replenish the body's natural reserves of energy (qi).


Perennial (zones 5-8)

14 - 28 days

2 years

light, sandy, loamy, well-drained

Partial shade to shade


16" apart

2 years or more

Growing Guide
Codonopsis is a climbing vine, sometimes reaching as high as 6', displaying unique "bonnet bellflowers" in the summer months.


Codonopis prefers light, sandy soild but can grow in richer, loamy blends as well. The soil should be moist but well-drained. Light requirements are low as Codonopsis often takes well to shady locations.

Codonopsis starts can be sensitive to cold and are best started indoors approximately 6 weeks prior to last frost. Start in flats or similar container, and lightly cover seeds with a thin layer of soil, approximately 1/4" deep. Keep moist while awaiting germination.


As seeds begin to germinate, you can begin acclimate them by placing container outside during the day for a few hours. Tranplant outdoors once the last threat of spring frost has passed, planting near a wire fence, trellis or similar object that the plant will be able to climb onto. If installing a trellis or similar structure near the plant after it has already established itself in the ground, be careful not to disturb the roots beneath the soil.


Harvesting Guide
The root requires at least 2 years of good growth to reach a size worthy of collection. To harvest, get underneath plant with a spade or garden fork and work root to the surface by moving in a circular motion around plant.


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