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How to Grow Dandelion | Guide to Growing Dandelion

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How to Grow Dandelion | Guide to Growing Dandelion  



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Though much harangued by some as a common weed, Dandelion has long been recognized for its myriad applications in medical herbalism. The untreated leaves can be added to salads and other dishes and are enjoyed for their slightly bitter quality. Dandelion root is often described as a liver detoxifier thanks to its ability to stimulate bile production. This affinity for the liver and its functioning explain why a host of other health benefits are often ascribed to dandelion root, including: improved digestion and appetite, enhanced mood, and more consistent skin tone.


Perennial (zones 3-10)

7 - 14 days

2 years

Tolerant to a wide range

Full sun to partial shade

Whole plant

8 - 12" apart

30 days

Growing Guide
Familiar yellow blooms.


Dandelion will grow best with full to partial shade, and has no special soil needs.

Dandelion can be direct sown in spring. To enhance germination, stratification and indoor starting can be utilized to give your plants a boost. One week of cold stratification should be adequate for the small seeds. To sow, lightly tamp seeds into surface of growing medium. Seeds require light to germinate so be sure to leave seeds very close to the surface of the soil.


Harvesting Guide
Leaves and flowers can be harvested at any time. Use a spade or garden fork to leverage the plant out of the ground if seeking the root or whole plant.


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