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Materials Seed Starting Transplanting Urban Gardening Projects

Seed Starting with Recycled Materials   Make Seed Starting Pots from Newspaper

How you can use things around the house to start your seeds. Be creative! Think outside the box
(or greenhouse).


Instead of buying expensive peat pots to plant your seeds in, make these spiffy planting pots by rolling recycled newspaper around a glass or jar.


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Seed Starting
Seed Starting Indoors - Tips & Tricks   Starting Seeds in Trays with Domes

Learn how to start seeds indoors, about watering requirements, fertilization requirements, transplanting and more. How to's, tips and tricks, do's and dont's.


Starting seeds at home, seed starting at home is easy. Get a jump on your garden starting seeds at home.

Winter Seed Starting   Seed Starting Light Requirements

It is not too early to start your garden for this coming spring. Here are some tips for early seed starting and using cuttings to propagate your favorite perennials.


Learn how much light you need for your seed starts and how to provide artificial light in the absence of natural light.

Starting Tomato Seeds   Seed Starting for Commercial Operations

Starting Tomato Seeds in A 128 Cell Plug Tray For The Greenhouse.


Dave consults with Dave Volante to learn the tricks commercial growers use to start their seeds.

First Four Days of Seeds    

From seed to seedlings. View the growth of seeds over a four day period in an indoor greenhouse.




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Hardening Off Your Seedlings    

Learn the advantages to hardening off your seed starts before planting outdoors.




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Urban & Suburban Gardening
Suburban Gardening & Edible Landscape    

An example of indoor seed starting, suburban gardening and edible landscaping.




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Planting Projects
Seed Planting Projects for the Kids    

We have a couple of projects that will get your kids excited about planting seeds in their gardens. They can watch them grow and learn about how plants grow.




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