How to Grow Salad Burnet | Guide to Growing Salad Burnet

How to Grow Salad Burnet | Guide to Growing Salad Burnet  



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Salad Burnet is commonly used in salads and dressings, where it is enjoyed for a taste that reminds some of cucumber. Native to Europe, it is hardy to a wide range of conditions and will grow to a height of 16 inches or more and grow tiny white flowers.


Perennial (zones 4-8)

14-21 days at 60-70° F

2 years

Moist, well-drained

Partial shade to full sun


12-18" apart

70 days

Growing Guide
Salad Burnet will grow to heights of 12" or more, and produce good quantities of the cucumber-flavored leaves approximately 2 months after germination.


Salad Burnet prefers partial or filtered shade to full sun. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil types, but should be placed in a location that is moist but well-drained.


For best resutls, Salad Burnet should be started indoors 4-5 weeks prior to the average last frost of the spring. The seeds of Salad Burnet are small and require light for germination. Can be sown at a very shallow depth (<1/8"). Keep soil well-moistened until germination, then moderate water slightly once seeds have started to germinate. Transplant outdoors after the final frost of the season.


Harvesting Guide
Leaves can be collected with snip or scissors. Wait until the plant has reached a height of 6-8" or more to ensure that the plant is stable. Leaves collected prior to blooming will have better taste.

Seedheads can be collected from late summer through fall, once they have matured and started to dry out. Store in a labeled paper sack and carefully thresh by hand over a bowl or other container. Seeds can be small, and separating from the extraneous debris and can be challenging. Carefully rolling smashed seed pods over a fine mesh screen, or carefully winnowing over a small fan, are two possible techniques to separate seed from chaff. Seeds can be collected in same manner as with harvesting. Store in a sealed container in a dry, cool location out of direct sunlight for optimum life.


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