How to Grow Wintergreen | Guide to Growing Wintergreen

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How to Grow Wintergreen | Guide to Growing Wintergreen  



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Perennial (zones 3-7)


2 years

Slightly acidic, humus-rich

Partial shade

Leaf, fruit

12-16" apart

90 days

Growing Guide
Wintergreen is often used as a ground cover and will grow to a height of approximately 6 inches, showing fragrant pink blossoms in early summer.


Wintergreen will do best with partial shade. It is somewhat tolerant of increased sunlight, but should not be planted in a location that receives full sun for prolonged lengths of time.


Wintergreen seeds require a period of cold, moist stratification to germinate. In late winter, seeds can be placed onto a moistened paper towel, which is then folded over to ensure that seeds have consistent access to moisture and will not dry out. The towel should be placed into a ziploc bag, which is then placed under refrigeration.


Check back often to ensure that towel remains moist, and to see if any seeds have started to germinate. Remain patient as Wintergreen is typically slow to germinate, often requiring 2-3 months or more.


Upon germinate, you will start to see small root tips start to grow out from the seed. Carefully remove seed from towel and sow in small pots, approximately 1/8" deep or 3 times the thickness of the seed. Keep indoors, and provide ample moisture as the germinated seed begins to grow through the surface of the soil. Once this occurs, scale back watering slightly but do not allow soil to dry out.

As start continues to grow, gradually harden plant for upcoming transplant outdoors by exposing to increasing amounts of sunlight daily. Transplant after the final frost of the year, once the plants are stable and show their first true leaves.


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Harvesting Guide
The leaves can be collected with a snip or scissors once the plant begins to flower in early to mid summer. The berries can be collected in late fall through winter.


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