How to Grow Borage | Guide to Growing Borage

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How to Grow Borage | Guide to Growing Borage  



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Borage is originally native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean, and has a long and noble history as both and medicinal and herb of lore. Once known as the "herb of courage", Borage flowers were used to decorate the vestaments of departing crusaders. A wine prepared from Borage is said to bestow courage and fearlessness upon the imbiber, and was often given to soldiers before entering battle. In modern herbalism, Borage is said to be effective against weak or diminished adrenal function, fevers, inflammation, sore and inflamed eyes, colds, bronchitis, chronic catarrh, congestion, pleurisy and fever.



7 - 14 days

2 years

No special needs

Partial shade to full sun

Flowers and leaves

15" apart

45 - 55 days

Growing Guide
Borage will grow upwards to a height of around 3 feet and produce striking purple blooms that hang delicately.


Borage grows better with partial shade and moderate water, and is adaptable to a wide range of soil types.

Borage seeds can be started by direct sowing in the spring, or started indoors in late winter/early spring to give them a jumpstart. When sowing, cover seeds to a depth of approximately 1/2" and keep moist during up to and through germination. It starting indoors, you may want to use slightly deeper containers for starts and monitor closely as Borage develops a tap root and can be difficult to transplant.


If starting outdoors, sow after final frost as soon as soil is soft enough to work. Sow seeds about 4" apart to a depth between 1/4-1/2" and row about 2' apart. Thin as needed as seedling develop.


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Harvesting Guide
Aerial parts can be collected with scissors or snips once plant has started flowering.


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