How to Grow Anise | Guide to Growing Anise

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How to Grow Anise | Guide to Growing Anise  



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Though often compared to Fennel, Licorice and Tarragon, Anise has its own unique flavor that has been enjoyed around the Mediterranean and North Africa for thousands of years. The Romans placed such value on Anise that it was occasionally traded as a currency. Anise is most commonly used as a flavor in sweets and confections, and over the centuries has also been added to perfumes and breath fresheners.



10-14 days at 70 F

2 years

Light, well-drained soil

Full sun

Leaf, seed

12" apart

60 days

Growing Guide
Anise is a small annual with white or faint yellow flowers which smell similar to licorice or fennel. At maturity, it can grow to nearly 2 feet tall and display bushy grow outwards to 18 inches or more.


Anise is best started indoors 6-8 weeks before the average final frost of the season. It can be sensitive to transplanting, so it is recommended to sow the seeds in biodegradable pots that will disturb the growing start as little as possible.


Anise prefers well-drained soil of average fertility, and treated with an organic, all-purpose fertilizer.

Seeds should be sown about 1/4" deep, and should germinate in between 10-14 days at approximately 70 degrees F. Transplant outdoors when plant is approximately 4-5" tall and shows it first set of true leaves. If possible, tranplant on a cloudy or overcast day to reduce shock. Additionally, your starts can be hardened (prepared for their new environment) prior to transplanting by gradually exposing to increasing amounts of sunlight and outdoor conditions.


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Harvesting Guide
Leaves can be collected using a snip or scissors prior to the blooming.


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