How to Grow Epazote | Guide to Growing Epazote

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How to Grow Epazote | Guide to Growing Epazote  



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Epazote is used in many traditional Mexican dishes including tamales, mole de olla, salsa, traditional black beans and enchiladas. Eaten fresh, it has a distinct strong and pungent taste and aroma that can be reminiscent of a wide variety of other tastes including: citrus, anise, fennel, mint or tarragon. Needless to say, Epazote can be an acquired taste. In Mexico, it is sometimes consumed as a leaf vegetable but more commonly dried and used as an herb.



7-14 days at 65-85° F

2 years

Tolerant of wide range of types

Full sun

Leaf, flowers, stem

10-12" apart

45-65 days

Growing Guide
Epazote will grow to roughly 4' tall, with long slender leaves and clusters of tiny green flowers.


Epazote can direct sown after the first frost of the sping, and will grow quickly with heat and light. Epazote can spread very quickly, and potentially invade upon other plants. If possible grow them away from other plants or in containers. For a continous supply, restart every two weeks.


Epazote should be grown in full sun, and can grow in a wide range of soil types. It is native to desert regions of North America and is tolerant of sandy soil. Requires less water than most other herbs.

Sow lightly, approximately 1/4" beneath the surface of the soil and keep moist until germination. Epazote is native to drier regions of Central America and should not be over-watered.


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Harvesting Guide
The leaf, flowers and stem can be anytime with a scissors or snip.

The small, tan seeds can be collected in late fall by rubbing stalk and collecting beneath with a basket, bowl, bag, or other container. Seeds can be collected in same manner as with harvesting. Store in a sealed container in a dry, cool location out of direct sunlight for optimum life.

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