How to Grow Burdock | Guide to Growing Burdock

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How to Grow Burdock | Guide to Growing Burdock  



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Burdock has a long history of use as a detoxifying herb, and is said to have a strong affinity for the blood. It is also regarded as a diuretic, flushing excess water from the body. Over the centuries, it has been used as an antidote in cases of acute poisoning, fungal and bacterial infection, and parasites. Common preparations of burdock include decoction, tincture, and food source.


Biennial (zones 2-10)

7 - 14 days

2 years

Sandy, well-drained

Partial shade to full sun

Root, seed

18" apart

90 days

Growing Guide
Burdock can grow to more than 6' tall, in the second year producing purple flowers which ripen and become the familiar burrs whose tenacity became the inspiration for velcro.


Burdock is adaptable to various light levels, from partial shade to full sun. Light, sandy soil will make harvesting the roots much easier.

Seeds can direct sown outdoors in the fall once the last frost has passed, or started earlier indoors for improved germination rates and stability for young plants. If starting indoors, sow approximately 4 weeks to final frost by cover seeds with a thin layer of soil, approximately 1/4" or twice the thickness of the seed. Keep moist, but do not allow starts to get soggy as this can deter germination and cause damage to seeds or young plants.


Expose growing starts to sunlight, and transplant to larger containers once they are 3-4" tall and show their first true leaves.


Burdock is extremely hardy, and will self seed readily, and can become a nuissance if left untended. You may want to choose a location away from your other herbs or vegetables where this may be a problem.


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Harvesting Guide
Burdock root from plant sown in spring can be ready to harvest in as little as 8-12 weeks, as the roots will grow very quickly. As they become larger and grow deeper into the ground, they can become increasingly difficult to harvest. Once burdock becomes established, it may be virtually impossible to completely remove.


To collect, use a very sturdy shovel or garden fork. You may find it help fill to dig a hold next to the root so you can leverage the root into that space and collect easily.


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