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How to Grow Wood Betony | Guide to Growing Wood Betony

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How to Grow Wood Betony | Guide to Growing Wood Betony  



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Once widely revered, Wood Betony is once more rising to prominence following a period of relative obscurity over the last few centuries. Both the Greeks, Romans, and later European cultures valued Wood Betony for its mild bitter and astringent qualities. An old Spanish saying 'He has as many virtues as Betony', shows the esteem in which Betony was held in centuries past. Wood Betony was said to provide protection from curses, and assist with the exorcism of bad spirits. Today, Wood Betony is sometimes used to relieve headaches, neuralgia, stomach and abdominal problems, bloating, heartburn, and gas.


Perennial (zones 4-8)

7 - 14 days

2 years

Moist, rich

Partial shade to shade

Flower, leaf, stem

10 - 12" apart

6 days

Growing Guide
Wood Betony is a small herbaceous perennial that will grow to about 12" and show light purple blooms in mid to late summer.


Wood Betony prefers partial shade and moist, rich, loamy soil and is somewhat adaptable to varying conditions. It also requires moderate to high amounts of water.

Direct seed in late summer or early fall, or in spring germination can be improved with a period of cold, moist stratification. Mix seeds with small amount of vermiculite or similar lightweight potting medium and place into refrigerator for around 21 days. Check often to ensure that mixture remains moist but not too soggy.


Start seeds indoors by tamping lightly into soil, or covering with a thin layer (1/4"). Transplant outdoors in mid spring once seedling are established and space approximately 10-12" apart.


Harvesting Guide
Aerial parts can be harvested anytime during the growing season by cutting plant down to around 4" with a scissors or snip.


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