How to Grow Savory | Guide to Growing Savory

How to Grow Savory | Guide to Growing Savory  



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Summer Savory is popular along the eastern regions of Canada, where it is used in place of Sage to flavor various meat and poultry dishes. Bright, pungent, and slightly sweet, Savory has also been utilized in the cuisines of Europe, notably France and Bulgaria where the dried and crushed leaf is a popular table condiment.



10-14 days at 60-70° F

2-3 years


Full sun


10" apart

90 days

Growing Guide
Summer Savory is a smaller herb, ultimately reaching a height of approximately 18" and showing pale pink or lavender flowers from mid summer onwards.


Small seeds should be covered with a light, thin layer of soil (approx 1/4" or less). Seeds need some light to germinate so do not bury too deeply.


Summer Savory prefers full sun, and well-drained, moderately moist soil of medium fertility.

Summer Savory may be direct sown around the time of the last average frost of the spring, or started indoors approximately 6 weeks prior. If direct sowing, thin to approximately 10".


If starting indoors, keep seeds well-moistened until germination, then moderate slightly. Transplant outside on an overcast day once the starts have reached a height of 3-4".


Harvesting Guide
The leaves and sprigs can be collected anytime once the plant reaches a height of 6". For best results, collect in the late morning after dew has dissipated but before the heat of the day sets in.


If seeking a small quantity of fresh leaf for a single use, snip only the tip of the stem. For larger quantities for drying, stem can be cut 3-4" from surface of soil. Dry on a screen or by hanging upside down.

Collect well-dried seed head from plant and gently break open. Collect seeds and winnow to eliminate extraneous chaff material. Store in a sealed container in a dry, cool location out of direct sunlight for optimum life.


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