Natural Pest Control Guide

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A garden seethes with life — after all it is a food source!

The Natural Pest Control Guide is a safe and easy way
to control those critters that think your food is their food.


A clickable GUIDE to your (not so) favorite pests. All in one place!


Garden Pests A-Z


Ants, Aphids, Birds, Caterpillars, Cats, Deer, Dogs, Earwigs, Fleas, Gophers, Mealy bugs, Mice, Mildew, Mold & Fungus, Moles, Opossums, Scale, Slugs, Snails, Spider Mites, Thrips, Voles, Whitefly



Garlic Fire Spray, Smothering Oily Mixture, Rhubarb Spray, Molasses Blend, Vinegar Blend, Scale Mixture, Fish Fertilizer



Even when using natural sprays, do as little harm as possible and don't try to outgun nature.

  Every garden should have a good social network. Here are some friends you can rely on...  

Green Lacewing, Ladybugs, Parasite Wasps, Slaters, Slugs, Spiders



It is important to start your garden plan with Companion Planting to achieve maximum pest control. Click here for the Companion Planting Guide


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As with all things in nature, there is a balance.

Organic garden pest control doesn't upset that balance.

You will have some advantage in managing garden pests if you are gardening organically as you will be encouraging natural biological control. Still it's wise to be prepared for action should your plants come under attack.

The Methods and Techniques of Natural Pest Control

Before we get to a specific A-Z list of pests, here are other areas of attention in natural pest control :

Companion planting: A very important method of PLANNING to help control garden pests.

Beneficial Garden insects and creatures: Here's how toattract these good critters to help with natural garden pestcontrol

Natural Pest Repellants: Here are some Natural Pesticide and Incesticides you can create and mix for yourself.

A-Z of Garden Pests: Here are some organic garden pestcontrol alternatives.

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