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How to Grow Lemon Grass | Guide to Growing Lemon Grass

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How to Grow Lemon Grass | Guide to Growing Lemon Grass  



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Lemongrass has been traditionally been used as a flavorful tea or broth in the Philippines and South East Asia. As the name suggests the flavor is strongly citrus, but with a slightly spicy and tangy edge that is reminiscent of ginger. With plenty of light and water, Lemongrass will be among the more bountiful producers in your tea garden.


Perennial (zones 8-11)

2-7 days at 70-90° F

2 years

Loamy, sandy, moist

Part shade to full sun


12-15" apart

70 days

Growing Guide
Lemon Grass is native to southern Asia, and will grow up to heights of 5 feet or more with blades giving off a pleasant citrus-like scent.


Lemongrass is easy to germinate, but as it is native to tropical regions may require slightly warmer soil than many other herbs. Starting indoors is recommended for optimum germination rates.


Lemon Grass will do better with full sun and rich, moist, loamy soil. It is tolerant of sandy soil as well, but requires consistent water.

The small seeds should be lightly temped onto the surface of the soil, and kept moist. Transplant outdoors after the final frost of the season once the starts are well established and have reached a height of approximately 6 inches.


Harvesting Guide
Aerial parts can be collected with a snip or scissors from mid summer onward, by cutting each blade individually above the central node.


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