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Why Do Germination Testing?
After you have collected seed, and are considering long term storage, you might find it helpful to conduct germination testing to determine the viability of your seed if considering for planting, or to test the viability of a seed that has been in storage. Germination rates naturally vary from species to species, but there are some general guidelines to consider when doing a testing.

Storing Seeds

Storing Seeds and Long Term Care

Store most seed packets in airtight jars. The exception is legumes, which store best in breathable bags. To keep the seeds dry, fill a small cloth bag with about one-half cup dried powdered milk. Place the packet in the jar beneath the seed packets. Be sure to label your container with the variety, the date, and other pertinent information. Store your seeds in a cool, dark, dry place; a refrigerator is a good choice. Avoid opening the container until you are ready to plant.

Stored seeds will retain their viability for different lengths of time depending on the type of seed. Melon seed can be stored for as long as five years, while sweet corn is only good for one year. Other types of seed remain viable for two to three years.

Saving Seeds


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