Heirloom Legume Seeds

Heirloom Bean Seed | Seeds of Life

Heirloom Bean Seeds
Gardeners generally divide bean varieties into three main categories, depending on the stage at which they're usually picked and eaten: snap, shell and dry. All are easy to grow, and all need the same growing conditions - the prime one being plenty of warmth.

Heirloom Lentil Seed | Seeds of Life

Heirloom Lentil Seeds
Popular in parts of Europe and a staple throughout much of the Middle East and India, this tiny, lens-shaped pulse has long been used as a meat substitute. There are three main varieties of lentils. They can be used as a side dish, in salads, soups and stews.

Heirloom Pea Seed | Seeds of Life

Heirloom Pea Seeds
Like sweet corn, peas are at their tastiest immediately after harvest. Whether you choose shell or edible-pod peas, they grow best during spring and early summer when temperatures are between 60 F to 75 F.

Heirloom Peanut Seed | Seeds of Life

Heirloom Peanut Seeds
Peanuts are widely grown throughout the southern United States and about half the national crop is used to make peanut butter. At one stage of its growth, the peanut plant looks very much like the common garden pea plant. The nuts have a papery brown skin and are contained in a thin, netted, tan-colored pod.



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