Book Review: “Survivalist Sam Stocks Up: The Four B’s of Prepping for Kids”

16 Jun


Our company was recently contacted by author Kermit Jones Jr. He is the author of several children’s prepper/survivalist books. When he asked permission to mention our company¬† in one of his books, we happily obliged.

Shortly thereafter, we received a package from Mr. Jones. He kindly sent us copies of 4 of his children’s books. Over the next several days, I will be reading and reviewing these books on our blog.

The first of his books that I read was “Survivalist Sam Stocks Up: The Four B’s of Prepping for Kids.” The author of the book is Kermit Jones Jr., and the book was illustrated by Christy Brill.

The main character of the book is a squirrel РSurvivalist Sam. The book is written for children, and does an excellent job of explaining why prepping is so very important. The author does a good job of explaining  prepping and survivalist lifestyle in a positive, kid-friendly way.

Parents can appreciate the author’s non-scary approach at explaining prepping to children. His motto, listed in the book, is very appropriate: “Don’t Scare…Prepare!” His books do just that.

“Survivalist Sam Stocks Up” explains the “Four B’s of Prepping” – Beans, Bullets, Bandages, and Barter – in a simple, yet thorough way that is easy for children to understand. The information offered in the book is very useful.

Survivalist Sam and his buddy, Prepper Pete, explain to kids the importance of stocking up on food, clean water, seeds, and other supplies. The book teaches kids why it is so important to have items to help protect yourself, and shelter yourself, in case of a natural disaster, or any other serious event.

The book is full of colorful illustrations, from cover to cover. This is definitely a plus for very young children – it is eye-catching and will keep their attention as you read the book to them. The illustrations also make the book fun for independent readers as well.

Heirloom Organics is proud to be a part of this unique learning tool for children. We are happy that a new generation has a chance to learn about prepping and seed-saving. These are such valuable skills for anyone to learn – at any age.

To purchase a copy of “Survivalist Sam Stocks Up” for your child, please click here¬†(a new Amazon tab will be opened in your browser).


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  1. Just want to say that it was great working with all of you, and I hope you enjoy all of the books in the series! Thanks for the review, thanks for the awesome product line, and thank you for all that you do!

    Be blessed,
    Kermit Jones, Jr.

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