Senate Fast Tracks Trans Pacific Partnership

15 May

From: Oregon GMO Right to Know

On May 13, 2015 Senate negotiators reached a deal to move forward on so-called “Fast Track” legislation – a bill that would allow the President to send secretly negotiated, industry authored trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to Congress for an up or down vote, no amendments allowed.

Multinational corporations stand to gain enormous benefits from TPP, which would likely give them incredible power, including the right to sue local governments in international tribunals for democratically-enacted laws, like GMO labeling, that they claim hurt their profits.

If Fast Track passes, it would put us on a perilous and possibly irreversible path to gutting consumer and environmental protections and handing the keys to the global economy to corporations like Monsanto and PepsiCo.

Disappointingly, one of our own senators, Sen. Ron Wyden, is among those leading the charge for Fast Track authority for TPP.

Grab your phone right now and call Senator Wyden’s office at (202) 224-5244. Tell him that Fast Track and TPP are a bad deal for Oregon consumers and our environment.

It’s simple: When big corporations get to negotiate trade deals in secret, it’s consumers who lose out.

The Trans Pacific Partnership and Fast Track authority could deal a devastating blow to many consumer and environmental protections, including our fight to label genetically modified food.

Thanks for helping us fight back.

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