Just a Little About Sprouting Sprouts

8 Jul

Broccoli SproutsSprouts provide fresh, easy nutrition and can be harvested within days-typically a week or less from seed to edible sprout. When growing sprouts, always choose organic seeds and store in a cool, dark, dry setting. Tastes can vary considerably between different varieties. Small, commonly available sprouts like red clover and alfalfa are relatively sweet while more exotic sprouts from brassica family members such as radish or mustard have a spicy or stimulating taste. Nearly all sprouts will contain vitamins and enzymes, which are synthesized by the growing seedling. However as sprouts are not grown in a solid medium, they do not take up minerals and will show lower content relative to MicroGreens or full size-vegetables.

Sprouting Suggestions

  • Always use fresh, clean water when soaking and rinsing your sprouts, and rinse at least 3-4 times daily.
  • After rinsing and soaking, thoroughly drain of excess water. Sprouts left sitting in water, or with excess moisture, can be vulnerable to rotting and must not be consumed. Be especially cautious with sprouts that have been exposed to warm, moist conditions as they are particularly susceptible to bacteria and other pathogens. Sprouts are easy to grow, but if you ever have doubts about the cleanliness or safety of sprouts, it is wise to discard that batch immediately and begin a new one.
  • Sprouts should be soaked for 4 hours or longer prior to growth. Larger seeds, such as chickpeas and other large beans, require more soaking time (8-10 hours) than smaller seeds such as alfalfa or red clover.
  • Always wash your sprouter between uses, and do not eat sprouts that are soggy, lifeless, or give off a foul odor. Such signs may indicate rotting sprouts, which should not be consumed and should be discarded. Better safe than sorry.
  • Store growing sprouts on counter-top, or other warm (approximately room temperature) environment. Exposure to moderate light amounts of light may be beneficial and help to promote faster growth.

To read more in depth about how to grow sprouts please visit our Guide to Growing Sprouts page

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